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Bartley Books

Wendy Hobson

Bookshop Manager

Reading this book (Breakthrough for spiritual abundance) was like opening my favourite tub of ice cream.  The more I read – the more I was fed! 

I didn’t want to put it down and I didn’t want it to end !!

My book review for your book “ Finding Hope in This World of Turmoil “

When you take out an insurance policy, you always read the fine print to make sure that you get "everything out of it that you are entitled to“.

As a Christian, Jesus is our insurance policy. You need to read this book to make sure you are “getting everything out of life that you are entitled to“.

Don’t be ripped off, read this book !!

Russell Wright

Chief Executive Officer for 'New Life Restoration Foundation'

Trevor Bartley has been a blessing to our organisation, he is very detailed.  All our Directors and Board members had confidence in dealing with him and his professional advice was second to none. He always had time for us to clarify things about our charity.
We had the privilege to work with him and allow him time to do what he does best; helping those that are in need by using his skills and knowledge in the charity sector and to help us present things professionally.  He has gone out of his way to help us with every small detail as well as having the capacity to deal with more complex issues.  I highly recommend Trevor to anyone else wanting to find assistance in establishing a 'Not For Profit' charity.  
We thank you Trevor for your professionalism, amazing attitude and supportive nature.   

Stephen Thomas

Chief Executive Officer for 'Love my boys men's ministries'

This ministry has been very invaluable in getting our ministry compliant and registered.  Trevor has a wealth of wise and understandable advice, he was able to answer all my questions and queries.  I would like to say this ministries advice and guidance has been truly appreciated and invaluable.  I could not give a more higher recommendation to anyone who wishes to engage these services.

Pastor Rick Armour

Christian Life Centre Gatton

Ps Trevor’s seminar to CLCG was well informed and well researched, and reinforced with years of experience in life and ministry, and with insight from the Holy Spirit.
His delivery was honest, open transparent and anointed.  His preaching and teaching at Sunday service was very inspiring.

Rosemaree Mann

Marketing Director

"Finding Hope in this world of Turmoil"
Presented with simplicity and truth, Pastor Trevor Bartley, in writing this book, achieves an excellent balance between the theologian and the common reader, you and I. You will enjoy the ease with which he shares the scriptures, not through his own personal interpretation but through God’s Word, the Bible.  He opens the Bible in a unique way to simply reveal to us what God teaches about this very important topic then you can draw your own conclusion.  This study is easily the best of its kind.  Remain open to the truth and revelation held within these pages and you will be blessed with God's truth.