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Josephine Bartley is a shining example of a courageous woman who is determined to overcome all her barriers to a satisfying and peaceful life that emanated from the destructive compensation behaviours she experienced from the adults around her and in a controlling marriage relationship. Hidden fear and the anxiety that arose from not having any nurture or a safe place to be herself eventually caused multiple meltdowns into depression and insomnia during her second marriage. This first book, “Dancing on the Edge,” outlines the strategies that enabled her to gradually face the trauma and change her thinking about who she is. Now a confident and magnificent overcomer, she shares her journey to healing, hoping to help similarly afflicted women to recognise self-destructive thinking and how they too can overcome past damage in their souls, to become healed and able to live in confidence and peace, just as Josephine has. Soon a sequel will be published to take her story further, imparting hope by showing what is possible for such an overcomer! I found it a fascinating expose of the damage humans can inflict on a child, but inspiring hope through the nurture of a loving husband and the grace of God, giving courage and strength at every step of the journey to emotional health.

Ruth Marrion, Precious Stones Network

We often talk about men's mental health issues around depression and anxiety.  This lovely lady opens up to these issues pertaining to herself.  A prima ballerina in her younger life,  the world was her oyster.  Then... Read her story of her own personal journey to the pits and then clawing herself back.  A riveting story, a must for someone going through hell right now but choosing not to stay there.  If you read only one book this year, let it be this one.

                                                                                        Ian Mann
I am loving reading, 'Dancing on the edge.' Raw, authentic, real, inspiring, faith-building, easy to relate to and full of hope. It is absolutely suitable for everyone, good job Jo! I wish I was a part of your journey, however, it's so good to see you whole. Truly, you can never know a book by the cover. Thank you for allowing me into your life.

Vicki Churlew

Josephine Bartley's 'Dancing On The Edge' is an insightful and impactful book that I just couldn't put down! As someone who has cared for others dealing with trauma and depression, this book has been a real eye-opener and practical tool that has allowed me to better support those in need. Josephine vulnerably shares her traumatic past throughout this book, all while beautifully focusing on her journey to overcoming the darkness. This is a valuable read that is easy to understand and is well structured. It encourages all to reach their full potential one step at a time as you tackle the many causes of depression and trauma. I am now more aware thanks to this book.


I highly recommend 'Dancing On The Edge' to all who have been experiencing mental health issues from trauma and certain life situations in their lives. It can feel incredibly lonely battling PTSD, Anxiety and depression, thinking you're the only one going through absolute chaos in your mind. Having gone through very similar situations in this book, I found it true that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for the opportunity to read this excellent book. I feel uplifted knowing I wasn't going crazy and healing is possible!


Dancing on the edge by Josephine Bartley is about the struggles of overcoming mental health which has the potential to destroy you or to have total victory.

With insight and knowledge, Jo explains the aspects of depression, anxiety, PTSD, emotional trauma and insomnia.

The negative effects of abuse through ones life takes its toll with a long battle to conquer the damage to the soul. The mind, will and emotions.  With a strong faith in a loving God Jo’s path to recovery and healing of a sound mind is imminent.

This easy to read, informative book gives the reader understanding and hope.

Sandy Hirst
'Dancing on The Edge' is a compelling biography from Jo. Her aim in life was to be a successful ballerina. She went far; however, it was unfortunate her choices led to depression, abuse in marriage and crippling fear. Whatever Jo does, she does perfectly. She has written a 'true page-turner' to encourage those battling in the same situations to overcome their fears. Once you have read this 'can never put down' book, you will be better equipped to support many others you may know suffering from mental illness.

M.I.G Western Australia