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     These training modules have been designed to show how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This will enhance the effectiveness of the call of God in the life of all that participate, for successful Christian living in today’s ever-challenging world.  We are going to look at the Word of God and learn how to apply it to our lives to make a significant impact on the world by walking in a greater understanding of our calling and the Word of God; we are going to draw crucial life applications from the lives of the champions in God’s Word. We all stand to learn immeasurably from these modules. “It takes more than a desire to fulfil the will of God. It takes spiritual strength”.


To run courses that cause the church to realise who God is in His fullness, who we are through the work of Christ and what we have been called to do with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Equipping us with the skills to be fruitful Christians grounded in the faith, finding our place in the Church, and being relevant to the world around us.


  • To develop mature Christians and effective leaders in the Church today, and
  • To equip people and to lead people to Christ and build them into a worshipping community.


Though we do not aim to actually take non-Christians through the salvation process, we do aim to bring Christians into a closer relationship with God and for them to become relationally relevant to the people in our world through this ‘Lifestyle Training School’ applicational knowledge program.


We do this through the following ways:

Training them in the use of God’s Word by teaching them;

  • How to effectively pray
  • How to effectively evangelise
  • How to use their gifts and talents for God

Teaching them;

  • Who they are in Christ
  • The character of God
  • The message of faith
  • The person of the Holy Spirit


We do this by:

Identifying and teaching them about their spiritual gifts and to effectively evangelise, by promoting the worship service and by implementing weekly strategies to promote evangelism.

Unique aspects

This training program is unique in many aspects; it is made up of topics that reinforce Biblical strength and wisdom;

  1. These modules are developed at a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology level of training.
  • The Word of God
  • The Character of God
  • Supernatural Prayer
  • Evangelism
  • Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • Faith
  • Exposition of Ephesians (focusing on the new creation reality)
  • Ministry Gifts & Talents
  • Heroes of the faith (King David, John Alexander Dowie, Evan Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman & Aimee Semple Mcpherson) or
  • Heroes of the faith OT (King David, Esther, Moses & Paul)
  • The book of Mark
  • Abundance
  • Worship
  • Apologetics
  • Marriage and family
  • Thou shall Prosper
  • Chaos of the cults
  • Hearing the voice of God

Each of these topics come in a PDF document at a cost of $10.00 each.  From the document you receive you may print as many as you need for your home group or study group.  Remember this is my ministry and how I make a living so please do not pass on to other groups - encourage them to buy their own copies.