This book will assist you greatly if you, or someone you know has PTSD and it seems impossible to shake the Anxiety, Depression and insomnia. Overcoming unhealthy cycles of abuse, wrong attitudes, and corrupt thinking is not easy, but being set free from a psychological prison is well worth the effort.

Anxiety was always a part of my perceived everyday life from childhood, but it became increasingly difficult to manage in my 40’s when [PTSD] uninvitedly reared its ugly head. It takes courage to face the demons of fear, doubt, and confusion, robbing us of our health, finances, and yes, even our very lives.

Each mountain was overcome by faith and sheer determination which gave me the strength and courage to push through for my breakthrough. As my soul healed so did my immune system. If you are unwell or supporting someone facing mental challenges, this book will encourage you not to give up. Once the emotions are detached from painful, traumatic memories, and joy returns, you will find life is not that bad after all. I made it through the darkest 7-years of my life 'I want my life back, how about you?"