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How can I Hear the voice of God


This subject would have to be one of the most important questions I am asked. In this booklet I will endeavour to answer the question of, “How do I clearly hear the voice of God?” People find it very hard to tell the difference between the Holy Spirit and their own spirit or mind, because we have never been told what the voice of the Holy Spirit sounds like or how to hear it. We have only been taught that it is a soft gentle voice, ‘an unction from your belly’, ‘a knowledge not from your head’, or just a ‘knowing’.

 Have you had it explained like that to you?

I believe that I have found the missing link, and as you read this book you will be shocked as I was to see how much information is actually in the Bible regarding this soft still voice, which you can and do hear. I hope you enjoy reading my discovery as much as I enjoyed studying this subject for myself.

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