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Biblical myth busters


Exposing the myths that make people miserable. Topics covered; IN MY FATHER?S HOUSE ARE MANY MANSIONS WHAT ABOUT WOMEN IN MINISTRY? * Understanding the question of headship * What did Paul mean by the head? * Should a woman be in ministry? * Should women keep silent? * Do not permit a woman to teach WHAT DID JESUS TEACH HIS DISCIPLES BEFORE HIS CRUCIFIXION? PALM SUNDAY ? The presentation of Korban Pesach THE FIG TREE PARABLE THE FITH CUP THE CRUCIFIXION TIMELINE * His love has no limits * His grace has no measure THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FOLDED FACE CLOTH * The resurrection message is the most important part of our belief system THE WEEKS AFTER THE RESURRECTION * The Omer and the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit) * Who took Judas spot as the twelfth Apostle? * Why even get another Apostle? * Where is the temple of God? A LEADERSHIP LESSON FROM OUR RABBI THE PARABLE OF THE WISE AND FOOLISH VIRGINS WHAT HAPPENED AT THE POOL OF BETHESDA? THE HISTORY OF THE BIRTH OF JESUS $20.00

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