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Discovering your Ministry gifts and talents


This package comes with notes and teaching sessions on a USB (MP3)


Consider this;

If you find yourself breathing and if you are a Christian, then you have at least one ministry gift and talent, and your church’s success depends on your ability to function in that God given gift. In short, you need to discover and use your ministry gifts and talents to help your church fulfil their goals and purpose; you need to investigate this topic and implement your discoveries!

It is no small endeavour to discover your ministry gift and function; we have developed this course and information for all church attendees. This subject is loaded with practical ideas that really work to generate action and results for you to find your gift and talent as well as understanding the function of your God given gifts.

We have sought out the most practical information from respected leaders and trainers around the world. We have tapped into their methods of finding the best results for helping people discover their Ministry Gifts and Talents. You will be inspired to achieve the very best results and productivity from these biblically based lessons.

We have packed these powerful lessons into this module; you could say we have obtained “the best from the best” to help you become the “best that you can be” for God and your church, teaching you discovery techniques that really work.

You will learn;

• How your passions, abilities, experiences and character type play a major role in developing your spiritual gifts and talents.

• How to utilise your spiritual or ministry gifting and where the best application is within your environment.

• What your ministry gift is?

• How to inspire other people to seek out their ministry gifts.

• That God has given you one or more spiritual gifts for a reason.

• That God has a ministry assignment that He wants you to accomplish in the body of Christ, a specific job for which He has personally equipped or is equipping you to do.

• And so much more.

We also have available a set of CD's to purchase. Cost $35.00 There are also group notes available if you would like to run this as a small group. Cost of students note $35.00 each.


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