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Death, Resurrection, Rapture and Judgement

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Paul tells us that the preaching of this subject is to be a comfort to the readers and others who hear.  

The title of this book obviously caught your attention, let me tell you why I wrote this book. I started this project with the intention of clarifying some information about what I believe to be a misunderstanding of the teaching of the scripture that says - 'the dead in Christ will rise first.' By using the Bible and a very comprehensive study through the Scriptures, I hope to bring some clarification to what I believe to be the confusion about the Resurrection and Rapture or more accurately translated the apostasia which means "the departure [of the church]."  

For this reason, I have written the scriptures out in full; I have not simply written scripture and verse for the reader to look up.  Enabling you to read this book anywhere, anytime and not having to carry your Bible with you.  Unfortunately, too many Christians are complacent and feel it is sufficient to know only what the church they attend preaches and teaches.

Hopefully through the words, scriptures and the manner in which I present this information to you, it will no longer be excusable to live with people's ideas, traditions or stories to satisfy one who claims to be a Christian. We are not getting anywhere spiritually if we are not studying for ourselves and making a distinction between what is said and what is written.  For this reason I would like to encourage you to read all the scriptures through, allowing them to minister to you. In other words, don't skip over the scriptures; if you don't read them, you will miss out on the whole message.

The Bible tells us that we are to study for ourselves so that we can present our bodies to God approved, a worker who has no cause to be ashamed.  We are to analyse correctly and accurately divide the Word of Truth.

I hope that you get as much out of this book as I did in putting it together.


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